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Athletes to executives… nobody plays consistently at a high level without coaching. Joe can help you discover extraordinary habits that deliver lifetime success.

Joe-Sweeney-HeadshotJoe Sweeney is an experienced businessman and New York Times best-selling author of Networking Is a Contact Sport and the newly released, Moving the Needle. As a dynamic, down-to-earth, yet powerful professional, Joe’s keynote addresses focus on principles discussed in his books which can be applied to any company or organization.

Joe’s books, keynote addresses, and Winning Game Plan training can help you grow personally and professionally through:

  • Networking
  • Expanding your influence
  • Finding balance
  • Developing your business
  • Making life richer and more meaningful
  • Connecting with friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and even strangers
  • Getting clear, getting free, getting going

"Joe’s address to our World Leadership Conference in Buenos Aires and his 10-week follow-up training sessions to our young leaders helped moved the needle for our growing executive team at GE."
- Steve Liguori, Executive Director of Global Innovations & New Models, General Electric

No matter the organizational setting, Joe’s relaxed, conversational, and down home practical approach can be refreshing and simple to implement into your daily life. Hear real-life stories of how through trial and error, Joe acquired and honed relationship building and leadership strategies. You and your team will learn how to successfully apply strategies to enrich personal and professional relationships while opening doors of opportunity.