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A Personal Reflection on The Honor Foundation

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Aug 24, 2015

When Joe Musselman called and asked if I would be interested in speaking to The Honor Foundation, an organization which bridges military and private sector careers through an innovative transition program created for members of the Special Operations Forces community, I was willing and open to offer a helping hand.

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The Most Important Job, Is the Job You Have NOW

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jul 21, 2015

In this world where technology has the ability to change things so quickly, it has also made a profound impact on shortened attention spans. As a result, employees are now less likely to spend time with a company for the long-term. A generation or two ago, it was not uncommon for employees to commit to one employer, even one particular job with that employer. However, tenure of employees is dropping and has hit record lows in recent years. The fact of the matter is that the average person now has 13-14 jobs in their life.

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How to Get What You Want by Creating a Have, Do & Be List

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jun 29, 2015

Joe_NormandyOn June 6th, we recognized the 71st anniversary of D-Day - a day that will never be forgotten in which Allied troops invaded Normandy, France, in 1944. The battle is known as the largest seaborne invasion in history with more than 160,000 soldiers storming the French coast to take on Nazi German fighters. About 9,000 Allied soldiers died in the conflict, but today, is remembered as the turning point in the Allied victory in World War II. 

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3 Tips I Wish I Knew As a 22 Year-Old Graduate

Posted by Joe Sweeney on May 22, 2015

It has been over 30 years since I sat in a classroom and daydreamed about the goals and aspirations I had for my future. After spending 4 years obtaining an undergraduate degree and a few more years working toward my graduate degree, I, like many other students thought I had all the right tools to take on the next phase of my life, primed for all that was to come.

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Break Down Communication Blocks Between Men & Women In Business

Posted by Joe Sweeney on May 7, 2015

Anyone who has read John Gray’s book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, understands that some of the same communication challenges men and women face in their personal relationships can also be struggles brought to the forefront in an office environment. Understanding what is at the root of these challenges in the workplace can help open up lines of communication and result in a more productive work setting. Here are a few ways we can review the physiological barriers that influence the way men and women communicate:

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