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Join Me On THIS New Path To Success In 2015

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 27, 2015

This week, my good friend Jack Canfield -- originator of the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul book series -- is announcing the definitive guide for those of us who want to become more successful in our lives, careers, finances and relationships. 

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Joe’s Weekly Tip: Build Connections By Identifying Your Shipmate Personality

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 20, 2015

Learning to recognize certain personality traits will help you connect with others, manage people more efficiently and sell to people more effectively. Aligning personality types with those of cruise ship leadership positions can be a helpful tool in regard to managing relationships and personalities.

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7 Steps for Creating the Life You Want

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 13, 2015

My good friend, Jack Canfield, has listed 7 steps for establishing a great life with these powerful lessons. This is a good start for creating a super year in 2015...

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Joe’s Weekly Tip: Use Social Media To Help Open Doors

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 9, 2015

Let’s say that you meet some people at your child’s school or an event and you’d like to find out more about them. If they have a Facebook page or LinkedIn account, you can learn where they went to high school, college, or where they work. Use this information to break the ice next time you see each other.  

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Joe’s Weekly Tip: Conversation is a Two-Way Street

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 5, 2015

How often do you find yourself in a conversation where you feel the other person is just talking at you, rather than with you? The art of a good conversation should be very much like playing a game of backyard catch.  After you share a comment, you're tossing the "ball" of conversation to the other person, meaning it's his or her turn to say something.  If you continue holding on to the ball, however - by giving a long-winded play-by-play description of your day, your recent vacation or your child’s latest accomplishment - then you're gripping the ball of conversation too long and not allowing your friend or business acquaintance a chance to "play." Do this too many times, and you'll be dismissed as a pompous, full-of-yourself individual.

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