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Stop the Game - The Value of Reflection

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Apr 11, 2018

This article was originally published in the Milwaukee Biz Times on November 27, 2017, written by Joe Sweeney.

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One Simple Exercise You Can Do In 2017 That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Jan 19, 2017

I had the good fortune to attend a retreat and meet Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great. One of the many gems which Jim imparted was that we need to write every day and that writing is thinking. He actually spends 1000 hours a year writing and creating. That is 25 40-hour weeks. Wow!

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Tips to Simplify Planning for Your Ideal Week

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Apr 28, 2016

If you are a regular at your gym, you may have noticed that Mondays are crowded, and Fridays are a ghost town. Many of us start the week with the intention to live our ideal life, and lose our drive and mindfulness as the days go by. Some people are able to beat that loss of motivation by planning. You can start to develop the habit of being more mindful (and motivated) by planning for the eight most important aspects of your life.

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3 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Video to Build Loyalty & Referrals

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Apr 11, 2016

RealEstateVideo.jpgIn today’s highly competitive real estate market, clients can easily research multiple agents in minutes online. This is why increasing your influence through networking is essential - a personal referral is still more powerful than Google. Video is a way that you can network 24/7 with anyone, anywhere - even those on the other side of the country, or world. It’s a unique way to keep in touch with your loyal past clients, and demonstrate your knowledge to future prospects.  

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5 Ways Real Estate Professionals Build Success by Keeping an End Goal in Mind

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Mar 24, 2016

Like many people in all areas of business, some of the most successful real estate professionals will tell you that they’ve achieved their biggest accomplishments when they begin each day with an end goal in mind. These individuals understand that you may not be able to accomplish a particular goal in one day, but your focus and strategies should be in line with what it will take to ultimately accomplish that goal over time.

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