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3 Ways To Put Your Network to Work for You

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Dec 22, 2015

If you are familiar with some of my networking principles, you know that I feel strongly that the best time to build your network is when you are able to be a valuable resource for someone else. When you adopt an attitude toward building your network that embraces giving - not getting, you will be shocked by how much you receive in return.

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6 Tactics To Build Your Personal & Business Network

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Dec 10, 2015

Networking and personal introductions are some of the best methods to not only grow your business, but also reach your personal goals. With a little proactive thought in regard to strategy and research, you may be surprised how many individuals you can become connected with, how much you may have in common and the valuable resources you can provide for one another.

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3 Reasons Learning the Value of Reflection Can Improve Performance

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Oct 26, 2015

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Professional Athletes to Navy SEALs: 5 Common Fears Experienced During Transition and Change  

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Sep 15, 2015

I have been blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and mentor a number of high performing business executives, professional athletes and members of the Navy SEALs on the topics of change and transition. My interactions with these individuals and teams have led me to wonder why some high performers can win back-to-back most valuable player awards or complete grueling military training; however, when confronted with periods of transition, they struggle with common fears. Perhaps what is most interesting about this period of transition is that professional athletes, business executives, and top military personnel seem to struggle with five very similar challenges.

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Have a Big Enough Why? If So, the How Will Take Care of Itself – Podcast with Host Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader Show

Posted by Joe Sweeney on Sep 1, 2015

Sharing knowledge and experiences are some of the best parts about being a businessman, author, speaker and trainer. I often get asked to participate in various interviews and podcasts to discuss what I’ve learned over the years as well as to share the principles from Networking Is a Contact Sport and Moving the Needle. Over a year ago, I spoke at a LexisNexis event and had the pleasure of meeting Keith Hawk, V.P. of Sales and an incredibly dynamic man. This meeting led to the great opportunity to speak with Keith’s son, Ryan – host of the popular podcast, The Learning Leader Show.

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