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Joe has helped professional athletes, CEOs, and business professionals expand their influence, define their goals, and focus their efforts. No matter what your title, today is about helping you.

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Joe Sweeney knows what it’s like to live life in that fast lane. He's experienced success as a businessman, sports agent, and manager. However, like many people, Sweeney developed a smoldering discontent. His success wasn’t making him truly happy, and he was trying to find more meaning and purpose in his life.

Sweeney's latest book, After Further Review, is an inspirational book that uses sports analogies to guide you to a similar revelation. His wisdom and advice come in the form of reflective questions, interactive exercises, action prompts, and other activities designed to make you think about your own path forward. Sweeney encourages you to start looking for something important, not simply something more.

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Networking is a contact sport In his New York Times best-selling book, Networking Is a Contact Sport, Joe Sweeney has combined his love of business with his passion for sports to tell the story of his very early networking finesse (even as a boy) and how others can easily learn what he has applied so successfully to his own life, business, and relationships. Joe is a firm believer in the importance of staying connected with the people who cross your path in life.

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Moving-the-needle-bookJoe’s latest book to be released in October 2014, Moving the Needle, is about changing human behavior. Whether you’re a business leader, manager, employee, teacher, or parent, we oftentimes feel unsure of the path ahead and the steps needed to move forward in our personal and professional lives. Moving the Needle is designed to help you define your goals, focus your efforts, and give you the tools needed to create a system that will help you get clear, get free, and get going.

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