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After Further Review

New York Times Bestselling author, Joe Sweeney, knows what it’s like to live life in that fast lane. He's experienced success as a businessman, sports agent, and manager. However, like many people, Sweeney developed a smoldering discontent. His success wasn’t making him truly happy, and he was trying to find more meaning and purpose in his life.

Sweeney's latest book, After Further Review, is an inspirational book that uses sports analogies to guide you to a similar revelation. His wisdom and advice come in the form of reflective questions, interactive exercises, action prompts, and other activities designed to make you think about your own path forward. Sweeney encourages you to start looking for something important, not simply something more.

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Or for a preview of After Further Review, download chapter 1 here. 

A master networker, Joe has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses to large corporations, universities and private groups such as General Electric, Wells Fargo, Northwestern Mutual, Notre Dame, the Navy SEALs and more since the release of his first New York Times national bestselling book, Networking Is a Contact Sport in 2010. 

What Joe has realized over the years is that life has an expiration date and that many individuals - especially those facing times of transition - experience discontent that is difficult to turn into the positive energy. 

When we pause to reflect on life, we begin to see that we are not really defined by what we own or what we do. We are able to see that what we really crave could only be satisfied by something bigger—something that is not tethered to money, status, or recognition.

After Further Review is an inspirational guide that teaches you how to:

  • stop and reflect on your life,
  • form a game plan for your future,
  • see the big picture,
  • find the wisdom in others,
  • ask the right questions,
  • discover the life you were meant to live, and
  • realize that life has an expiration date.

The book also includes fun features like “go to the tape” reflections that help you internalize his message and transform your life. There is no doubt about it, After Further Review will help you turn our somedays, into today.