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Joe Sweeney's Keynote Topics

For more than 30 years Joe has traveled the world asking questions, giving of himself, and doing his best to discover what motivates people. And now you have an opportunity to learn the simple skills Joe has perfected to grow your business, expand your influence, and take both your professional and personal success to the next level.

Joe's keynote can help lay the foundation for great leadership, business, sales, and personal development. His talk will inspire, motivate, and change the mindset of how your team looks at networking, sales/marketing, leadership, and business development. Through his workshop, Joe can provide team members with additional tools to sharpen their networking skill set, which they can start implementing immediately.

Here are two exciting new keynote presentation topics which Joe can modify to meet each individual client’s program and agenda needs: 

After Further Review

AFR Front Cover.jpegThe focus in modern America is always on more. People fret about making more money, achieving more success, buying more things, and having more fun. What they don’t realize is that all that worrying stops them from receiving what they truly need.

Joe knows what it’s like to live life in that fast lane. He's experienced success as a businessman, sports agent, and manager. However, like many people, Sweeney developed a smoldering discontent. His success wasn’t making him truly happy, and he was trying to find more meaning and purpose in his life.

The book After Further Review is an inspirational guide that uses sports analogies to lead you to a similar revelation. In this keynote talk, Joe shares a deeper view of the principles included in After Further Review and offers wisdom and advice in the form of reflective questions, interactive exercises, action prompts, and other activities designed to make you think about your own path forward. Attendees will be encouraged to start looking for something important, not simply something more.

Joe Sweeney & Kyle Maynard

Joe Sweeney has teamed up with Kyle Maynard to provide a high-energy and informative new presentation called:

Move the Needle & Create Your Best Year Ever...No Excuses! This keynote is guaranteed to leave the audience inspired, motivated, and ready to take action.

Kyle & Joe will share an inspirational message and provide your team with repeatable, programmatic steps for getting clear and jump-starting their careers and life. Together, they will bring an energy and enthusiasm which will inspire and ignite audiences. Learn more about this collaborative keynote presentation.


Learn more about Kyle Maynard here.  

Other Keynote Topics Include:

  1. Networking Is a Contact Sport: How Staying Connected and Serving Others Will Help You Grow Your Business, Expand Your Influence -- or Even Land Your Next Job
  2. Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life
  3. Essentials of Leadership: The Power of Connection
  4. How to Make the Transition from Success to Significance
  5. The Eight Most Critical Questions in Work and Life
  6. Time Tested Strategies for Securing Employment and Finding Meaning in Your Career        

Here is what people are saying about Joe after participating in his keynote/workshop:

Comments from past keynote attendees:

"I would endorse this training for all sales groups. It was positive from a business and personal standpoint. I am hopeful that not only will I employ a great deal of what was conveyed to us, but that our entire team will embrace the practices and tools Joe passed on."

"Excellent energy and useful content...A+. He was the BEST speaker I have ever heard present."

"I found the presentation to be very informative, and Joe gave me a lot of ideas to make 2014 my best year yet. I plan to review the workshop handouts often and make sure I am staying on top of these items."

"Joe was organized, knowledgeable, prepared, energized, compelling, knew his audience, and provided some powerful real life examples and advice. He was terrific."