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Winning Game Plan

Joe's training strategies are designed to provide you and your team with the tools needed to create a system that will help you get clear, get free and get going.

The Winning Game Plan is a business and personal development system created by Joe Sweeney and is available in 8-, 16 or 52-week programs to assist you and your team in moving the needle to grow your business while obtaining your personal life goals. Participants will examine agendas, principles in both professional & personal life, resources, accountability and modifying perspective to change habits and ultimately, achieve goals. This program is designed to help you and your team improve engagement and performance. It requires a commitment to homework and a willingness to implement business and life changes.

With this program, you will see increased results for:

  • Professionals & Business Owners
  • Sales Teams
  • Associations
  • High Performance Sales and Business Development Professionals

Concepts to meet your team's specific needs:

  1. Having an End Goal in Mind
  2. Creating Life Balance
  3. Getting Clear with Your Life Mission
  4. Understanding People’s Needs
  5. Differentiating Yourself
  6. Creating Your Ideal Day and Ideal Life
  7. Taking 100 Percent Responsibility
  8. Determining Your Perspective
  9. Implementing the ZAP Concept: Zones, Alignment, and Paradoxes
  10. Getting Free with Your Habits
  11. Spending Time with Energizing People and Activities
  12. Finding Freedom with Your Money
  13. Getting Free with the 5/10/15 Plan
  14. Finding Wingmen and Bird Dogs
  15. Mindstorming and Getting Results
  16. Differentiating Yourself with the Sweeney 22