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"Joe Sweeney will help you and your business move the ball forward."
-Jack Canfield

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Throughout my 30+ years in business, I’ve had times of personal struggle when it came to moving the needle in my business and professional life. The best part about encountering these challenges is the valuable lessons that I have learned and can now pass on to you. (Isn’t it always best to learn from someone else’s mistakes?)

This new, comprehensive training program will help you create the Clarity you need, the Freedom you desire, and the Tools to help you get going in your Business and Life...

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"Networking Is a Contact Sport speaks volumes for the value of connecting with others. Joe Sweeney’s principles will enhance your relationships, your business, your career, and your life."
-Robin Yount

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"Much like my book The Success Principles, Moving the Needle is a transformational guide that will help you and your business move the ball forward."
-Jack Canfield

Learn MoreMoving the Needle

"Trust me—better yet, trust Joe. Stopping regularly to take a closer look at how you’re playing this bigger game will make the difference between the life you’re currently living and the one you’ve always dreamed of."
-Lou Holtz

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There's only one grade for Joe... and that's A+. Joe has excellent, fresh, creative content and knows how to entertain. If you don't learn anything from Joe, you might need an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay

New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Joe Sweeney is in the 1% bracket. He has set the standard for doing business ethically and enthusiastically. I heartily recommend that you hire Joe to inspire your people to greater heights.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Sales Authority

Joe Sweeney's drive and enthusiasm are inspirational and contagious. The tools and practices in this book have helped me to move the needle and improve my business everyday.

Ed Zore

Ed Zore

Former Chairman of the Board, Northwestern Mutual